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The Project Management tool: a demonstrational video series

IRP offers support throughout the entire lifecycle of buildings, starting all the way from the design phase. The Project Management tool, also known as the PM tool, supports a project from the drawing board to the visualization of a digital 3D model.

Visualizing specific properties of a BIM model

Are you looking to visualize specific properties of your BIM model? BIMkeeper's new feature allows users to link these properties directly to their dashboard for faster access!

Sales viewer teaser video on our YouTube channel

We have released a new video showcasing our versatile 3D sales viewer! From exploring properties and accessing legal information to visualizing the impact of sunlight at specific times and dates, the sales viewer provides buyers with a powerful tool to envision their potential dream home.

Design your own home with BIMkeeper

Want to design your own home? You can do it using the furnishing tool in BIMkeeper's 3D viewer!

Integration Netherlands in 3D with IFC and solar study

We have been researching the integration of the "Netherlands in 3D" project (see article TU Delft & website NL in 3D. Note: the NL in 3D website is in Dutch only) with our IFC viewer and solar study. The latter gives these projects an extra dimension. Enjoy our beautiful technology in this nice video.

The communication tool in BIMkeeper

During the building management process, communication can be completely managed within BIMkeeper. The communication tool enables users to communicate directly about various topics, such as repair requests, work orders, or quotation requests. As a result, manually sending e-mails is no longer necessary.

Multiple participants can be added to each conversation, so that all parties are immediately kept up-to-date with the latest information regarding a particular subject.

BIMLegal - prize winning idea was developed by IRP

We translated the BIMLegal movie because some international customers also showed their interest in our advanced BIM technology. With this project (technically developed by) IRP we won a legal innovation prize. Have a look at the movie explaining BIMLegal or go directly in the BIMkeeper IFC-viewer

IRP introduces real-time 2D and 3D navigation

IRP launches combined 2D and 3D navigation. This duo navigation provides a much clearer view of the current location in the model, including information on the floor.

BIMkeeper app for tenants & companies

Fast and easy overview of contracts, requests and compliance-check of your real estate with the BIMkeeper app.


From 3D to 2D and back & other visualisation improvements

IRP made important improvements in BIMkeeper for the visualisation capabilities of our viewer, like the visualization of a building from above (2D), orthographic projection, and element outlines.

One-stop shop for all revisions of your CAD/BIM drawings

The new function for creating modelling topics in the 3D viewer makes the BIMkeeper platform into a one-stop shop for the management of all CAD/Bim drawings.

In the cloud

OGDB is an online collaboration platform for the development and maintenance of real estate. And a perfect tool for chain integration.

3D viewer

OGDB renders BIM-models in a webbrowser, including all element information, quantities and measurements.

Geographic information

Integration with Google Maps, Street View and OpenStreetMap, give direct insight into the geographic distribution of your real estate.

Plan ahead

OGDB offers a great amount of functionality for maintenance, schedules, meetings, progress reports, financial management, etc.